American Epidemiological Society (AES)

The American Epidemiological Society (AES) was founded in 1927. The past years have seen the AES continue as a small, relatively elite organization characterized by a membership of senior leaders in the field of epidemiology. The Society has continued to hold an annual meeting at which free, informed, and uninhibited discussion is encouraged. Am J Epidemiol 1998;148:104-30.

American Epidemiological Society (AES) Lectures

Alter, Miriam

Baker, Susan P.

Bennett, Peter

Berenson, Gerald

Blair, Steve

Cates, Willard

Chin, James (Jim)


Colton, Ted

Dicker, Richard

Doll, Sir Richard

Dorman, Janice

Fraumeni, Joseph

Fukuda, Keiji

Glezen, Paul

Greenberg, Raymond

Greenwald, Peter

Harrison, Lee

Havlik, Richard

Henderson, D.A.

Hochberg, Marc

Holland, Walter W.

Hughes, James

Jacobs, David

Koplan, Jeff

Kuller, Lewis

LaPorte, Ron

Lee, I-Min

Manson, JoAnn

Millar, Donald

Nathanson, Neal

Ness, Roberta

Newman, Anne

Orchard, Trevor

Paneth, Nigel

Psaty, Bruce

Schoenbaum, Stephen

Sutton-Tyrell, Kim

Wenzel, Richard