Environmental Health Supercourse

The Supercourse represents a global network of 56,000 primarily academic Scientists. There are 7109 .gov members or which 13 are from the EPA. This is a network where individuals cross disciplines effectively share knowledge with each other and with Academia, for example in the H1N1 outbreak, Hurricane Rita, and the Tsunami. Interoperability is very much needed. We achieve interoperability and information exchange across disciplines using a simple, but powerful approach. We collected 5150 of the best lectures on environmental health, global health and prevention. The central agency for environmental health in the US is the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Within the EPA there are branch agencies that need to operate together. The EPA also needs to work together vertically, with scientists at the local level, the state level, the national level and globally. It also has to work with other scientific groups horizontally such as CDC, NIH, Academia, USGS, the military, etc. Because of the many diverse and separated environmental scientific groups, this is difficult to achieve. We believe that one partial answer for environmental health to help build Interoperability is a Supercourse for Environmental scientists. There are 1710 EPA members E-mails at Supercourse list so far.

Environmental Health Supercourse Lectures