2018 Supercourse Calendar         

Serageldin-Euclid Research Methods Library of Alexandria




PDF file of 2018 Supercourse Calendar (2,5Mb) 

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     Dear Friends, 

We wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year! We are so pleased to be able to collaborate

with you in the past year.       Wish you all the best in 2018!

     We wanted to give you a present of the 2018 Bibliotheca Alexandrina Supercourse Calendar!

Our Calendars were viewed by 1000s, we think that this one is also beautiful and will be shared by many.

We hope you will join our Serageldin-Euclid Research Methods Library of Alexandria in 2018. 

Please print this Calendar and hang it on your wall as well share with your family, friends, students and faculty!

Congratulations and Best wishes for New 2018 Year!

Ron LaPorte, Faina Linkov, Francois Sauer and Eugene Shubnikov (developer of the Calendar) (evgeniy.shubnikov@gmail.com)

for the Library of Alexandria and University of Pittsburgh Supercourse Teams


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