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Smoking is a custom loathesome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs and in the black stinking fumes thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygean smoke of Hell.


- King James of England



The global epidemiology of tobacco and related chronic diseases  
Risk Factors for Smoking in the EMR Region Menthol and Tobacco Smoke Exposure: What We Know; What We Donít And Where to Go
Quite Smoking: Psychological Management. In Arabic Smoking Cessation Program
The Future of Tobacco Harm Reduction Health Consequence of Smoking. Part I In Arabic  Part II In Arabic
What to Do With a Patient Who Smokes Part I   Part II Adapting Smoking Relapse Prevention Materials for Pregnant and Postpartum Women 
Smoking and Health Sir Richard Doll (1912-2005). Physician, Epidemiologist, Teacher, Humanitarian, Legend
Adolescent Smoking    (version In Russian) Smoking. Can we stop an epidemia? Part I. (In Russian)     Part II (in Russian)  
Nicotine Dependence and Quitting Smoking Part I    Part II     Part III Tabaquismo    in Spanish
Economics of Tobacco: Myths and Realities. Part I   Part II   Technology, Policy, and the Future of Nicotine Addiction. Part I.    Part II. 
Women and Smoking. A Report of the Surgeon General-2001 Maternal Smoking and Infant Birth Weight   (Version in Spanish)
Sick Building Syndrome in Relation to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Overtime  A smoking gun? Detecting causes of disease 
Interventions in Smoking Cessations: Part I     Part II    Interventions in Smoking Cessations: Part I     Part II    in Russian
Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy: Part I  Part II Smoking and Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
The Epidemiology of Smoking in Ukraine: a Cross Sectional Survey Undertaken in 2000 Smoking, Occupation: Either, None, Both?

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