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To science, pilot of industry, conqueror of disease, multiplier of the harvest, explorer of the universe, revealer of nature's laws, eternal guide to truth

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List of members of the National Academy of Sciences

This list includes approximately 2,000 current (not past) members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given. This list does not include deceased members. (May 2010)


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Legacy Lectures from NAS Members (150 lectures from 73 members)

WHO Collaborating Centre, Uni.of Pittsburgh

List of members of the National Academy of Sciences by disciplinary sections  Powerpoint Lectures Google Web Search by member

Animal, nutritional and applied microbial sciences

Applied mathematical sciences

Applied physical sciences



Biophysics and computational biology

Cellular and developmental biology Cellular and molecular neuroscience
Chemistry Computer and information sciences Economic sciences
Engineering sciences Environmental sciences and ecology Evolutionary biology
Genetics Geology Geophysics
Human environmental sciences Immunology Mathematics
Medical genetics, hematology, and oncology Medical physiology and metabolism Microbial biology
Physics Physiology and pharmacology Plant biology
Plant, soil, and microbial sciences Psychology Social and political sciences
Systems neuroscience    

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