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Statistics Explained Through Modern Dance: A New Way of Teaching a Tough Subject

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The Library of Alexandria has developed one of  the largest and most comprehensive research methods library. We are here to  assist researchers in planning and analyzing their research efforts. If you have questions about research methods please contact the BA research methods library

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Education RMLA 

   Advancement in academia typically depends upon Scientific publishing. The more you publish, the better the first job, the higher the raise, and the faster the promotion. Sadly only 8% of publications come from developing countries, despite the fact that 27% of the scientists live in developing countries and 80% of the scientists. 
   In almost all disciplines in Science students are required to learn about statistics. However, statistics is a difficult topic to learn and learning it in a second language makes it doubly difficult. A primary reason for this is Stataphobia which is the fear of research design and statistics, and not having access to people who can help. Stataphobia makes it most difficult to learn about statistics. Eighty percent of all rejected articles are due to poor research methods.

   Much of what we use across disciplines is the result of the building of research methods in the area of Education. We have therefore built a research methods library of Alexandria for Education.

The components of the Education RMLA are:

The General Research methods matrix.  If a student has a question about hypothesis testing they have 5 lectures by different faculty to learn from
Education Specific Methods:  This is a collection of lectures presenting Education specific research methods, including Quantitative and Qualitative types of educational research methods, Educational research resources, etc.  For each area there are multiple lectures by different faculty to learn(below).

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledgeskillsvaluesbeliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytellingdiscussionteachingtraining, and directed research. -

Overview of Educational Research

Introduction to Educational Research 

Educational Research An Overview


Types of Educational Research

Types of Educational Research Qualitative vs Quantitative

EDUC792 Methods in Educational Research: Qualitative

Case Study in Education Research



 American Educational Research Association

Readings - American Educational Research Journal

Journal of Educational Research

Education Research Complete Tutorial

What is Educational Research

What Is Educational Research?  

What is educational research Suggested further Reading - Newby, P. (2010). Research methods for education. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.


Steps in Educational Research

How Best to Design Education Research

Steps In Educational Research


Other Topics

Education Research: Blending Theory, Methods and Practice

Using numbers in educational research

Research Methods for Educational Enquiry (December 2011): Prof John West-Burnham Keynote Lecture

Tenth Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research

 Questions and Answers     Dr.Serageldin Course