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To publish in international journals one needs expertise in research methods.  However, in most countries there are few  trained in research methods.  We have built a research methods Supercourse and help desk to assist potential researchers in the development, data collection and analysis of  studies.


The question IBM had for itself was is it possible to build a computer system that could process big data and come up with sensible answers in seconds—so well that it could compete with human opponents?  What is Watson, really?

Watson white paper  by IBM India Smarter Computing (2011)

Watson - Beyond Jeopardy  by John Kundtz, Business Development Executive at IBM (2013)

IBM's Watson Technology - A 2012 HorizonWatching Trend Report
by Bill Chamberlin , Principal Emerging Trends Analyst at 1) HorizonWatching and 2) IBM (2012)

What is Watson, really? by Keyur Dalal, IBM, Vladimir Stemkovski, IBM, Jeff Sumner, IBM (2011)

Putting IBM Watson to work by Manoj Saxena, GM IBM Watson -- Keynote at Innotech 2011

IBM Watson and Medical Records Text Analytics  by Thomas Giles, IBM, Randall Wilcox, IBM (2011)

IBM Watson’s Response: How Is Illinois Making Data Collection Easy?  by Illinois State Board of Education (2011)

IBM's Watson  by Holland Davey, Jana Babouder-Matta, Chris Honeycutt, David Burr (2012)
Factoid Question Answering System by Bibek Behera, Jayanta Madhab Borah, Karan Chawla under the guidance of Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharya (2009)

 A Brief Overview and Thoughts for Healthcare Education and Performance Improvement by Watson Team, Presenter: Joel Farrell, IBM (2009)