Global Mental Health Supercourse

1.    Introduction to the Global Mental Health Section of the Supercourse (The Global Mental Health Section of the Supercourse)


Principles of Global Mental Health

2. Global Mental Health—an introduction and overview (Global Mental Health a new global health discipline comes of age)
3. Global mental health-the development of the discipline (History of GMH)
4. Disorders, diagnoses and classifications
5. Culture and global mental health (cross-cultural psychiatry)
6. Research methods and practice (Psychiatric epidemiology, introductory-level)(Introduction to Methods in Psychiatric Epidemiology)
7. Research methods and practice (Psychiatric epidemiology, beginning-to-intermediate-level)(Methodological foundations of psychiatric epidemiology)
8. The epidemiology and impact of mental disorders
9. Mental health and the MDGs: no health without mental health
10. Social determinants of mental disorders
11. Poverty and Global Mental Health (Poverty & Mental Disorder: Breaking the Cycle)
12. Global concerns and mental health
13. Global mental health resources/human resources


Practice of Global Mental Health

14. Promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders
15. Treatment and care of mental disorders
16. Training strategies for disseminating evidence based treatments
17. Evaluating the quality of mental health care
18. Mental health policy development (Mental Health Policy, Plans and Programmes)
19. Scaling up services for mental disorders (Scaling Up Mental Health Services In Low and Middle Income Countries)
20. Neurodevelopmental disabilities and mental health
21. Mental health of children and adolescents
22. Maternal mental health (Maternal Mental Health)
23. Mental health and ageing (Dementia)
24. Mental health interventions in humanitarian contexts (Building Back Better: Sustainable Mental Health Care after Emergencies)
25. Stigma, discrimination and promoting human rights (Evidence to Reduce Stigma & Discrimination)
26. Research priorities, capacity and networks in GMH
27. Generating political and donor commitment  (Barriers to Implementation of Effective Strategies for Scaling-Up Mental Health Care: Examples from Brazil, Chile, Jordan and Sri Lanka)
28. The future of GMH


Regional and Country Examples

29. Alcohol, mortality, and social change in Eastern Europe
30. Armed/civil conflict and mental health (Armed conflict and mental health)
31. Other regional/country examples



32. HIV/TB/STI and mental health
33. Diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental health
34. Biology and Mental Health