Our Officers

  • Dr. Dickerson

    Dr. Samuel J. Dickerson

    Faculty Advisor

    Dr. Samuel Dickerson is an assistant professor in the University of Pittsburgh’s department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Dickerson’s general research interests lie in the area of electronics, circuits and embedded systems and in particular, technologies in those areas that have biomedical applications. He has expertise in the design and simulation of mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems that incorporate the use of both digital and analog electronics, as well as optics, microfluidics and devices that interface to the biological world. Prior to joining Pitt faculty he was a co-founder and the president of Nanophoretics LLC, where he led the research and development of a novel dielectrophoresis-based lab-on-chip technology for rapidly detecting drug-resistant bacteria strains. In addition to engineering research, Dr. Dickerson is also investigating new and innovative methods for improving the learning experience for electrical and computer engineering students. He can be reached at dickerson@pitt.edu.

  • Ava Chong

    Ava Chong

    Vice President

    Ava Chong is a junior Computer Engineering student pursuing a certificate in Innovation, Product Design and Entrepreneurship here at the University of Pittsburgh. She currently serves as the Vice President of IEEE where she works to assist the President in running the organization and creating events. Ava is also the Vice President of ESC and the Volunteers Chair for the IEEE Regional SAC Conference. Outside of school, Ava spends her time cooking, writing and attending hackathons. If you have any ideas for IEEE (or any good recipes!), Ava can be reached at ava.chong@pitt.edu.

  • Linghai Wang

    Linghai Wang


    I am a junior computer engineer here at the University of Pittsburgh. As Treasurer for IEEE, I manage organizational funds and expenses to serve the members of the organization. Outside of IEEE, I like to participate in Hackathons, play music, cook, and play video games. You can reach me at liw82@pitt.edu.

  • Libby Rager

    Libby Rager

    Public Relations Chair

    I am a junior electrical engineering student pursing a minor in German. I am the Vice-Public Relations Chair, so I reach out to companies interested in forming relationships with the club to build networks and obtain sponsorships. I hope to see the club continue to grow this semester. Outside of IEEE, I am a member of SWE and enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and hanging out with friends. If you have any ideas for new member events or any other cool ideas, feel free to contact me at emr91@pitt.edu. Hail to Pitt!

  • Mason Kline

    Mason Kline


    I am a junior electrical engineering student pursuing minors in computer science and economics. I am the Webmaster, so my responsibilities are making sure that this website is kept up to date. Outside of IEEE I am also a part of SEMFS and I enjoy backpacking, reading, and playing boardgames with friends. If you want to get a hold of me or the website is not functioning correctly please contact me at mpk50@pitt.edu


  • Sid Iyer

    Sid Iyer


    You can contact me at svi2@pitt.edu.

  • Kate Bracken

    Kate Bracken


    I am a junior electrical engineering student pursuing a minor in computer science. As Secretary of Pitt IEEE, I am responsible for internal correspondence, maintenance of our mailing list, and planning organizational meetings. I love all languages, both programming and foreign, with a focus on Spanish, Italian, and Java. In my free time, I can be found cooking exotic dishes, writing fantasy novels, and growing vegetables in my garden. You can reach me at knb49@pitt.edu.

  • Tessa Veurink

    Tessa Veurink

    Membership Development Chair

    I am a junior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a concentration in electric power. As Membership Development Chair, I get everyone excited about Pitt IEEE events, as well as encourage new members to join! Besides IEEE, I am an Engineering Ambassador and a member of SWE. In my free time, I love exploring Pittsburgh, going to sports games, and playing soccer. In the fall, I will start my first Co-op rotation with Eaton in Pittsburgh. Feel free to contact me at tev14@pitt.edu. H2P!

  • Sabrina Helbig

    Sabrina Helbig

    Public Relations Chair

    I am a junior electrical engineering student with minors in computer science and French, and I will be on my first rotation of co-op this fall. As your IEEE Fundraising Chair, I work on planning FUNdraisers that you enjoy and that support other opportunities and events for our organization. Outside of IEEE, I am involved in SWE, and I love traveling, baking, and taking photos. Feel free to email me at srh86@pitt.edu and to say hi to me on campus!

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    Sabrina Nguyen

    IEEE Activities Chair

    I am a Junior electrical engineering pursuing a power concentration and industrial engineering minor. My goal is to set up some fun events that will get everyone involved and get to know each other outside of our classes. In addition to IEEE, I am a part of Ballet Club, SWE, Gamma Sigma Sigma, and I work with the Pitt Hockey team. I also love to read, cook, and go hiking. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to stop me wherever you see me or email me at san86@pitt.edu.