School of Dental Medicine        

Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Hospital Website and Directions

OR, Anesthesia Offices and Locker Room:  Ground floor

Go past ground floor elevators, make a left, proceed through double doors and the secretary's desk should be on your left.

Locker availability is variable, but there is a changing room if needed.

Time Off Guidelines

Contact Person Time Requests due by Special Issues
Mike Cuddy School Policy
Call ahead to verify clinical days.
Dependent on length of rotation - time off may be denied.

Key Personnel 

Chief Anesthesiologist: Dr. Paul Moore
Student Coordinator: Michael Cuddy, DMD
Anesthesia Office/Call Off: (412) 648-8609 412-648-8606
FAX: (412) 648-2591
Miscellaneous: Email Mike Cuddy two weeks prior to beginning of rotation to verify your schedule and start date according to the current program requirements.  Cases are scheduled daily and can take place at several clinical areas.  Two adult suites and one pediatric room in the Anesthesia Department, Dental Surgery and Prosthodontics are the common sites for cases.  Wednesday is the clinic day on which behavioral health patients are given free dental care.  Wear your own scrubs to clinical.
Orientation: Informal walk-through orientation at 8:00 am on first day of clinical 
Important Information! The Dental School closes over the Christmas Holiday.  Assigned students should contact the program to arrange for an alternate clinical site for that time period.

The Dental School uses some unique anesthetic agents and techniques so it will be very helpful to review Ketamine (IV and IM injection) before your rotation begins.  Be familiar with doses, uses, side effects, etc.


Emergency Cart Setup Room 
Difficult Airway Cart Adult Suite
Malignant Hyperthermia Cart Setup Room
Latex Allergy Supplies Setup Room
Pediatric Cart (if applicable) Pediatric cases are done in the "Pedo" Room
Regional Cart (if applicable) Not Applicable