Gamma Omega


Tau Beta Sigma at the University of Pittsburgh, the Gamma Omega chapter, is comprised of University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band members who have made the promise to serve the band and the community, promote the advancement of women in music, and help strengthen the overall sisterhood.

We currently have 36 sisters from various sections of the band. Congratulations to our newest Sisters on becoming full members of the Sorority: Jenn, Nick, Sarah, Aimee, Leslie, Emily, Tea, and Hayley!


Tau Beta Sigma at the University of Pittsburgh

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Congratulations to our newest members, the Beta Gamma class!


I am so happy that you are my little and proud that you are finally a sister of Tau Beta Sigma.  It’s amazing how time flies. I feel like it was just the other day that I was pestering you in biology class to rush TBS because even then I knew I wanted you as my little. You are so caring, smart, and fun to be around so I am sure you will be an amazing sister! I have loved getting to know you over the past semester and finding out how similar we are!  Congratulations on becoming a sister and I can’t wait for all the amazing times we will have over the next year!


Your Big!

Dear Emily,

I am so blessed to call you my little. You are the bubbliest, friendliest, most amazing person I’ve ever met. Your endless sense of adventure and love for all living things is truly inspiring. The sisterhood is lucky to gain such a caring and devoted person. I can’t wait to see all you accomplish in your time as a sister. Thank you for being just as crazy as me.

As much as I love being your big, I think I love being your best friend even more.

MOTS of love,

Your Big

You are such an amazing, kind, driven person. There is so much laughter and memories to look forward to! I can't wait to see all of the good that you will inevitably do with this Sisterhood. Welcome to the Sisterhood, Little--I'm already so proud of you!  

MOTS of Love, Big :)

My Dearest Little Tea,

While I can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone, I am so excited to finally be able to call you my sister and find out what adventures will await us in the years to come.  I truly hope that you have enjoyed having me as your big at least half as much as I have enjoyed having you as my little.  Welcome to our crazy family, and always remember that no matter what, I’ve got your back. 

MOTS and Hail to Pitt,

Your Big—Lindsey


I am so proud of you for all that you have done throughout your Membership candidate process and cannot wait to see how far you will go in the sisterhood!  I am very thankful for the relationship we have developed over the semester and I know it will continue. You are an awesome Little!  Congrats on becoming a sister!!

MOTS of Love


Dearest Little, 

What a whirlwind these past few months have been! I could have never predicted how awesome it'd be to have a boy as my Little, let alone one as awesome as you. I learn something new about you every day, and I'm always surprised by how talented you are. Your passion for your field is truly inspiring, and I can't wait to see everything you accomplish in the future; you an do anything if you put your mind to it! I'm never going to get tired of your unique sense of humor, and I can't thank you enough for being patient when I need someone to vent to. Just know that I'm always going to be here for you, and I'm so excited to see you work your new letters as a Sister! 


Very Love



Big <3


I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished this semester. I was so excited to take you as my Little, and none of that excitement has left. I know you will be a great Sister and contribute much to this wonderful organization. I have very much enjoyed getting to know you this semester and can’t wait to spend many more years in the bond together. Welcome to the Sisterhood, and welcome to the family.

MOTS of Love,

Your Big, Lisa


I’m so proud of you for officially becoming a Sister of TBS! I’ll always remember how excited my Big was when I became an MC, and I truly felt that excitement when I took you as my Little this semester. I’ve had so much fun getting to know you over the past few weeks and watching you grow as an MC. You did so well with the process and I’m sure you’ll do great things with the Sisterhood in the future. Welcome to the Moon Orchid family!

MOTS of love,