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Advocacy for Trans-Inclusive Policies

The university recently clarified its unwritten procedure regarding the usage of all gender-specific facilities. The standard for all gender-specific facilities is now the sex listed on a student's birth certificate. Instead of using the bathroom they are comfortable using, transgender students must use the bathroom that matches their natal sex, putting them at increased risk of violence and harassment.

This change is extremely regressive, as well as unsafe, and we encourage you to join us in writing administrators to express your concerns and urge them to reconsider this harmful change.

How to get involved:
Right now you can write a letter to these administrators. Here are some talking points and a sample letter to help you in the letter-writing process!

For reference: The University's current non-discrimination policy

Check out the March 21 Pitt News article as well as the editorial appearing the same day. We will update this page as we receive more information.

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