The Club

The Panther Women's Rugby Football Club (PWRFC) is a club-level sport at the University of Pittsburgh's Oakland Campus. The PWRFC is a member of Pitt Club Sports, and is a SORC certified student organization. The team competes in the Mason-Dixon Women's Collegiate Conference at the D1-AA level, competing against other club and varsity women's rugby teams such as the Naval Academy, West Chester University, University of Maryland, Temple University, and James Madison University. The PWRFC also partakes in rugby fifteens tournaments against numerous other varsity and club-level teams outside of the Mason-Dixon Conference.




The Panther Women's Rugby Football club, PWRFC for short, has grown from a group of girls with a common passion for rugby to a nationally competitive team in the 12 short years it has been in existence. The team is a mix of women, from freshmen to graduate students, who devote countless hours to training each week in hopes of creating an unstoppable rugby team.

The women of the PWRFC are a tight knit family who support each other, on and off the field, and are devoted to upholding the social traditions synonymous with the sport. The players who make up the PWRFC come from a diverse array of athletic, social, and ethnic background, and each contributes to the University of Pittsburgh community in their own way. Many maintain high academic marks and graduate with honors, going on to claim positions at renowned corporations or to pursue advanced degrees at the conclusion of their undergraduate tenure.


The PWRFC was founded in 2002 as a Division II women's rugby team. Getting off to a rocky start, the team was unable to win a single conference game until 2009 after which the team took off. In 2009 and in 2010 the PWRFC qualified for the ARU Championship. Continuing its growth, the team made it all the way to the National Elite Eight in the 2011-2012 season. Showing up at nationals, PWRFC was the dark horse, the team that had come out of the woodwork and that left the other teams whispering and wondering where PWRFC had been for so long.

For the 2012-2013 season, the coaches made the decision to bump the team up to Division I, joining the Mason-Dixon Women's Collegiate Conference. The PWRFC was able to prove itself against its competitors in this new conference, putting to rest any doubt that they belonged.

In addition the league matches the PWRFC competes in several tournaments during the spring season, and the team has been Cherry Blossom Tournament champions for the past three years running. This season the PWRFC hopes to grow further in its quest towards holding aloft the ARU Championship trophy as well.