Auditions for Spring Semester

So, it's the beginning of a new semester, and SOP is opening up for auditions again. We're looking for talented, fun ladies who love to sing and have a good time. If you meet that description, there's no reason you shouldn't be coming out to our auditions. We'd love to meet you! Auditions will be held Thursday and Sunday of the first week of classes after winter break. Time and place have yet to be announced. For your audition, we're going to want to test your range (sing some scales), hear how well you can sing back short music patterns, see how well you read music with a short sight-reading exercise (not scary, we promise!), and listen to a verse and a chorus of a song of your choice. When picking your song, keep in mind that we mostly sing pop music, so try to stick with songs that reflect that. We'll be tabling in Towers lobby sometime before auditions, so look for us there, or look us up on Facebook! We'll be glad to schedule you an audition time. Looking forward to it! Love, SOP

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