Congratulations on your admission to Pitt!

The University has a lot to offer students - adequate study environments (trust us, you will love studying here), entertainment, email kiosks, music, fantastic recreation centers, an entire department (OIS) dedicated to helping and advising international students in all financial, legal, health, academic success, food... Well, you name it, and they got tons of information for you.
NOTE: University of Pittsburgh is commonly referred to as Pitt.


What do we do? ANKUR ensures you are having fun while you are studying... Diwali, Dandia Nites, Navratri, Holi, & Movies all through the year, etc. ANKUR also offers tries to bridge the cultural divide by organising cross cultural programs in association with fellow cultural associations. Some events will be organized with the graduate student association at Carnegie Mellon University while others with the Pitt Undergrads. We do all we can to make you feel like a Pitt Desi...Just keep an eye out for the events section on this page or follow our facebook page (icon in top right corner).

ANKUR also strives to provide temporary accommodation and airport pick up. This is often the most difficult task ANKUR has every year, and we hope you understand our predicament with the number of students coming in and available volunteers. It is important to remember that ANKUR does not guarantee accommodation and pickup to everyone and it is often first come first serve. This should be your last resort or Plan B, if you will.

Here is the link to register for temporary accommodation: Temporary Accomodation. Volunteers click here.

Here are some useful documents:
1. FAQ
2. Housing
3. Things to Bring
4. General Tips
5. After your visa