Namaste !

Hello and a warm welcome from "ANKUR: Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA)" at the University of Pittsburgh. We are proud to have you as part of our community and hope you will find your experience as a member of our association worthwhile and fulfilling.

The main objective of our organization is to provide an opportunity to bridge the social gap among all the graduate students of Indian origin at Pitt and share the joy and cultural heritage of India. ANKUR is also concerned to provide a helping hand to the new incoming students in getting oriented to the U.S. and to foster understanding about India and her culture among the Pitt community at large.

ANKUR is a volunteer based non-profit organization. The success of our mission solely depends on selfless efforts by all the members.

New to Pitt?

Register on University of Pittsburgh Community through Simplicity: All newly admitted and current students are expected to complete their official membership with ANKUR on the University of Pittsburgh Community by Simplicity (CBS) web page. You can sign up after receiving your PITT email ID. Please click or copy-paste into your web browser: and follow these instructions:

1) Log in with Pitt ID

2) Select tab "My Resources" and click on "Student Life"

3) Click on "Student Organization Resource Center"

4) Now you have entered CBS, here click "Student Organizations", "Join a group"

5) Search for ANKUR IGSA



ANKUR is part of the Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) at the University of Pittsburgh

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