Who Are We?
A group of Pitt students, faculty and alumni who like to get together to play pick-up soccer games.

Our Rules
1. Unless we are playing at the cost center where there are actual fields, there are no boundaries, no throw-ins and no rules.
2. We don’t call fouls unless they’re ridiculously blatant and unnecessary.
3. We don’t keep score.
4. We don’t care what kind of experience you’ve had playing soccer.
5. Our games are for fun, so if you can’t have fun with our games, feel free to check out the other two (competitive) soccer clubs on campus.

Where Do We Play?
Depending on the weather, we will be playing either at the Cathedral lawn or in the Cost Center

When Do We Play?
We play all year round, usually in the evening/night

All you have to do is show up and sign a release form.  Then you can start to play and have fun.

Cost Center Rules:
Since this is an indoor field, please, no spikes. We'll have goals and actual lines to use for boundaries. Days and times can be found on the calendar page.

For everyone that has already signed a release form:
Your name should be on our roster and you'll have no problems getting onto our fields. We respect the right to occasionally check that your name is on the roster to make sure that the only people on our fields are Hooligans or invited guests.  Here is the most recent roster.

For anyone who hasn't signed a release form and wants to play in the cost center:
You need to send me an email and let me know that you will be coming up to the Cost Center.  If I do not get an email and your name is not on the list, you CANNOT play and will not be allowed onto our fields until these steps have been taken.

Click here for a copy of the Constitution.