Board & Chairpersons:


President: Aneesha Garg

Hello! My name is Aneesha Garg and I am a senior majoring in psychology (and of course I'm premed too). I love to laugh, sing, come up with crazy ideas, and have a good time in general. Some things I can't live without are Bollywood movies/SRK, music, chocolate, cake, and my friends. I also love baking yummy sweet things, but if you want something really awesome, you should hit up Rachita aka HSC secretary and my cool roommate. This is my 4th year as part of HSC, which must mean that it is amazingly awesome and that you should be on it too! We're open to any/all suggestions you have for us and I hope we can provide you tons of great, fun, & meaningful experiences through HSC this year!

Vice-President: Luv Purohit

My name is Luv Purohit and I am the vice president of Hindu Students Council. I have twin brother named Kush who is not as cool as I am but it’s whatever. I am a Neuroscience major and Religious studies minor. I love photography and music, so if you see me taking pictures, holla atchyo boy ;) If you have questions about Neuroscience and Pre-med, you probably should ask someone else, but I’ll be glad to help you out. If you ever want to hang out, let me know, I really need friends. I’m excited to get to know all of you this year!

Business Manager: Rushi Patel

My name is Rushi Patel and I am currently a sophomore at University of Pittsburgh. I am your 2012-2013 HSC Business Manager. My major is neuroscience with a minor in bioengineering and chemistry. I have a friendly and easy-going personality. I have a whole variety of interests starting with tennis. I love to play tennis. If you ever want to play some tennis, just hit me up. I'll be ready to play, unless it's finals week. Also I am a big Steelers fan! GO STEELERS! All in all, I am an active member on Pitt’s campus and especially in the Indian community on campus. Hope everyone enjoys the great upcoming year planned by the HSC Board.

Secretary: Rachita Agarwal

Hi, my name is Rachita Agarwal. I am a senior marketing major and your HSC secretary for the 2012-2013 school year. During my free time I like watching movies (esp. chick flicks and Bollywood), doing yoga, being an annoying older sister, and baking scrumptious things. So if you are ever hungry come visit me and I will make you something delicious and probably really unhealthy. I also like messing around with my camera and taking artsy fartsy photos, (but if you wanna see some really good photography check out Luv’s work!) My favorite color changes daily and I love every ice cream flavor except the yucky cherries Garcia. I hope you will enjoy the experiences that HSC will be providing for you this year.


Dharma Chair: Neeti Bhatte



Public Relations: Kush Purohit



Cultural Chair: Harshita Sinha

Hey, my name is Harshita Sinha, I’m a sophomore at Pitt, a Bio and Anthro major and a member of HSC for two years. I’m also one of your HSC Cultural Chairs for the 2012-2013 school year, which means that I, along with my co-chairs Rupa and Richa, will be making sure that each of the HSC events is as beautifully decorated as possible, so if you have any ideas or suggestion, or you just want to talk, please come over and say hi! Anyone can attest that I’m a really friendly person; although I’m not so good with remembering names, I’m an absolute chatterbox and I love to meet new people. I am premed, which means things can get a little hectic, but I always make time for the important things in life like SRK/ Bollywood movies, cooking yummy snacks with friends, learning (trying to learn) how to play the guitar and, most importantly, making sure you have a fantastic and fun-filled year with HSC.

Cultural Chair: Richa Gupta

Hey you! My name is Richa Gupta and I’m a sophomore majoring in Biology and Art History (pre-med). Basically, if you’re planning on being a doctor and are looking for some input on what art to keep in your waiting room, I’m your gal. In my free time I love to swim, read (currently obsessing over Game of Thrones!), listen to music, and talk to people. I love seeing new faces and making friends so say hi if you ever see me! Harshita, Rupa, and I are the people in charge of making all HSC events look fantastically beautiful, so if you have any decorations suggestions let us know. I’m really excited for all the fun experiences HSC is offering this year, and I hope you are too!

Cultural Chair: Rupa Mehta



Freshman Chair: Reena Naik

Namaste! My name is Reena Naik and I am will be serving as one of the freshmen chairs of the HSC. A few interesting points about myself: I hail from the South, (Alabama specifically…Roll Tide!), I play tennis on the daily, and I’m studying philosophy/global studies (with a pre-law track). During my free time I enjoy meeting new people, debating, and most importantly playing with my Pomeranian Simba(who I miss dearly). One of the reasons I joined the HSC was to connect with other members of the Indian community and become more involved in religiously affiliated programs. That being said, we will be hosting many fun events throughout the year so please check them out. I am looking forward to meeting new people so please say “hi” if you ever see me!

Freshman Chair: Akshay Ratnani

IHey, my name is Akshay Ratnani and I am currently a freshman at Pitt majoring in Neuroscience/Pre-Med with a Spanish minor. I’m the Freshman Chair for HSC and I’m excited to work with everyone and spread the love that is Hinduism to all. I love sleeping and women and playing tennis and meeting new people. If you see me on the street or something come say hi to me, I’ll probably say hi back and we can start a new friendship together. Take care. Love you.


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