Eleventh Annual Graduate School of Public & International Affairs
Student Conference

Transcending Boundaries: Human Rights and the Security Continuum

University of Pittsburgh

March 31 and April 1, 2006



Agora, an organization of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, in collaboration with the Association of Women in Public Health, a women’s organization of the Graduate School of Public Health, will bring together students, academics, practitioners and activists to discuss issues relevant to human security.

Photos courtesy of:  Rachel Amram               

                                                                             Steering Committee 2006

                                                                           L-R: Irene, Rachel, Leah, Robyn, Eun-Young, Matt & Shaenelle

Keynote Registration 2006.doc
Conference Documents
Conference Logistical Information

The University of Pittsburgh is located in Oakland, near the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The University is easily accessible from the airport, train station or bus station via the public transportation system.

Questions? Please contact the Conference Steering Committee at agora@gspia.pitt.edu



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