Twelfth Annual Graduate School of Public & International Affairs

Transcending Boundaries: The Flip Side of Globalization

University of Pittsburgh

March 23-24, 2007

Here are some pictures taken during the conference.


Part of the Steering Committee: L-R Christy, Alison, Jay, Irene, Meryl and Matt



            Keynote Luncheon in the Kurtzman Room



Matt and Alison at the Registration Table in Posvar.             Leah and Courtenay at the Registration Table.


  Saturday Lunch Catered by ZumZums



Student Presenters
Satoko Ogawa                                          Devin McDonald                                                  Jon Stehle
Vanja Lundell and Justin Reed                                       Anita Wadhwani                                                 Chansonette Hall
Jay Fisher                                                                   Mike Russo                                                             Namkyung Oh
"Fighting an Elusive Enemy, Room 3911                                                                  "Role of Knowledge in Civil Society", Room 3430
Anna Loukianova                                      Art Maxwell                                                                   Elizabeth Ringler
"Where do I fit?: The Question of Social Identity", Room 3430





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