African Student Organization

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African students, wherever they are, are part of the promise of the future of Africa.Therefore, in their academic sojourn in Pittsburgh, they need to receive intellectual and moral support from other Africans thus enabling all to grow strong and focused for their own good and the good of their communities.

We, African students in Pittsburgh, therefore resolve to form the African Students Organization (ASO), with this as its mission.

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All the events and general body meetings to come.


  • General Body Meeting

    Where: WPU 630

    Mar 15th: 8:30-9:30PM

  • NASA Conference

    National African Student Association

    Where: Daytona, Florida

    Mar 18th-20th

  • Wazobia: Cultural Extravaganza

    Clean Water in Africa

    Where: DL 121

    Apr 1st: 8-10:00PM