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Appendix of Courses by Category

Language Courses:

Russian language: first fourth year, Russian 0010-1430
Polish language: first fourth year, Polish 0010-0410, Polish Indept Study 1903
Slovak language: first fourth year, Slovak 0010-0410, Slovak Indept. Study 1901
Ukrainian language: first second year, Ukrainian 0010-0040
Serbian and Croatian languages: first fourth year (Language Acquisition Institute and Slavic Summer Language courses)
SerCro 0211-0220, SerCro 0210-0221
Intensive beginning Czech, Slav 0212
Intensive beginning Bulgarian, Slav 0213
Intensive beginning Macedonian, Slav 0214

Literature Courses:

Russian Short Story in Context, Russian 0325
Russian Formative Masterpieces, Russian 0590
19th Century Masterpieces, W-course, Russian 0800
20th Century Masterpieces, W-course, Russian 0810
Madness in Russian Literature and Culture, Russian 0811
Russian Fairy Tales, Russian 0090
Major Novels of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev, etc., Russian 1200-1204
Major Authors: Gogol, Turngenev, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, etc., Russian 1302-1307

Polish Short Story in Context, Polish 0325
Survey of Polish Literature and Culture, Polish 1260
Modern Polish Literature, Polish 1280

Survey of Slovak Literature and Culture, Slovak 1260
Modern Slovak Literature, Slovak 1280

Topics in Slavic Literatures, Slavic 1840
Slavic Folklore, Slavic 1861

Film Courses:

Czech/Slovak Cinema:
History of Czech and Slovak Cinema, 1770

Polish Cinema:          
Contemporary Polish Cinema: Wajda, 0871
Contemporary Polish Cinema: Kieslowski, 0872
Contemporary Polish Cinema: Literature in Film, 0873

Russian Cinema:       
History of Russian Film I, 0870
History of Russian Film II, 0871
History of Russian Cinema, 1771

Culture Courses

Survey of Russian Culture: Medieval Russia to Present, Russian 0850-0860

A Cultural History of Slovakia, Slovak 1250
Slovakia Today, Slovak 1270

The Holocaust in Eastern European Film and Literature, Slavic 1220
Slavic Folklore, Slavic 1861
The Year Communism Crumbled, Slavic 1865

Any REES course with a strong Slavic component, for example:
Orthodox Christianity: Religious Studies 1135
Modern Eastern European Jewry, Religious Studies 1232, or History 1270
History of the Holocaust, Religious Studies 1252
Government and Politics of USSR and Russia, Political Science 1341
Government and Politics of East Europe, Political Science 1342
Political East Europe, Political Science 1346, or History 1240
East Europe Civilization, History 0200
Modern Polish History, History 0220
World War II Europe, History 0187
Russian HIST           
   0300: Russia to 1860
   0301: Russia to 1917
   0302: Soviet Russia
   1313: History of the Russian Revolution
   1314: USSR: 1918-1932
   1315: Stalin
   1325: (University Honors College) Russia and the West
   1343: Contemporary Development in the USSR
   1344: Russian Revolution Movements
   1366: Russian Cities
   1377:  Soviet Jewry
   1380: Art and Society, 19th Century Russia
   1390: Stalin and Western Historians
Cultures and Societies of EaStern Europe, Anthropology 1768


Study abroad, or 6 credits from A D above