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graduate students

  • Alyssa DeBlasio

  • Julie Draskoczy

  • Julia Houkom

  • Michelle Kuhn

  • Irina Makoveeva

  • Gerald McCausland

  • Petre Petrov

  • Timothy Schlak

  • Sara Schwartz

  • Dawn Seckler

  • Alyssa DeBlasio

    Degree: B.A., Philosophy and Russian Area Studies, Villanova University, 2003

    Research Interests: Russian Philosophy and Intellectual History, Russian and Soviet Film

    Representative Publications and Conference Presentations: "Space and Time as Narrative in the Films of Evgenii Bauer," Midwest Slavic Conference, 2005. "The Revival of the Russian Story: Paralyzed on the Spearhead of Choice after the Fall of the Benjaminian Storyteller," AAASS 2005.


    Julie Draskoczy

    Degree: B.A., Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature, New York University, 2002

    Research Interests: Samizdat, Andrei Sinyavskii, Gulag memoirs, Jewish Studies


    Julia Houkom

    Michelle Kuhn

    Degree: B.A., Russian and International Relations, Beloit College, 2002

    Research Interests: 20th-century Russian literature; post-Soviet Russian culture; contemporary women's prose; feminist theory


    Irina Makoveeva

    Degree: ABD, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh M.A. in Russian Philology and Comparative Linguistics, Moscow Lomonosov State University

    Dissertation Title and Year of Degree: "Screening the Novel of Adultery" (Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary," Lev Tolstoi's "Anna Karenina," and Theodor Fontane's "Effi Briest").

    Courses Taught: Russian Language (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced); Intensive Russian; Russian Culture and History through Film; Readings in Russian Literature (19 and 20th centuries)

    Representative Publications: "The Chronotope of the Maternity Home." Studies in Slavic Cultures IV. Pittsburgh, 2003. "Soviet Sports as Cultural Phenomenon: Body and/or Intellect." Studies in Slavic Cultures III. Pittsburgh, 2002 "Cinematic Adaptations of Anna Karenina." Studies in Slavic Cultures II. Pittsburgh, 2001. "Prover' sebia!" (textbook; co-authored with Dobrovolskaya, V.A. and A.A. Baryshnikov) Moscow, 1997 (second edition) and 1995 (first edition).

    Conference Participation: "Revival of Storytelling Tradition in Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'Decalogue'." Midwest Slavic Conference, 2004. "Reading Nina Sadur in Translation." The Oeuvre of Nina Sadur. University of Pittsburgh, 2004. "'Anna Karenina:' Comics as Culture or Culture as Comics." AATSEEL Conference. San Diego, 2003. "The Carnival of the Pregnant Body in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture." The Flesh Made Text. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2003. "Intelligentsia as Creator of the Sporting Values during the Thaw." The Intelligentsias of Russia and Poland. Lund University, 2002. "Cinematic Adaptations of Lev Tolstoy's Anna Karenina." Screening the Word. University of Surrey, 2002. "Reel/Real Worlds and Spectatorship in Wojciech Marczewski's Escape from the "Liberty" Cinema." SAMLA Convention. Atlanta, 2001.

    Research Interests: Adaptations and Visual Remakes; Modern Russian Culture: Women's Writing and Cinema; Soviet Sports; Contemporary Polish Cinema


    Gerald McCausland
    E-mail:, WWW:

    Petre Petrov
    E-mail:, WWW:

    Timothy M. Schlak

    Degree: B.A., Russian Area Studies, Wittenberg University, 2001

    Research Interests: 20th century Russian poetry

    Representative publications and conference presentations: Sadur Conference, "Carnival and Bodies of Death in Nina Sadur's Krasnyi Paradiz"; Will chair a panel at AAASS in December, 2004.

    Courses Taught: Elementary Russian 1 and 2



    Sara Schwartz

    Dawn Seckler

    Degree: Colby College B.A., 1998; University of Pittsburgh, M.A., 2001

    Research Interests: contemporary Russian culture, Russian and Soviet Film;

    Representative publications and conference presentations: The Suit. Film Review Oct. 2003 ; "The Absence of Historical Time in Dostoevskii's Besy." Studies in Slavic Culture; "Landscape, with Hero." Translation of Evgenii Margolit.; "Constructive Cine-Art: The Film Posters for Battleship Potemkin, 1905 and Man With a Movie Camera," Povestvovatel'naia struktura v tvorchestve Abdykalykova: otsutstvie istoricheskogo vremeni, logotsentricheskikh modelei, i patriarkhal'nogo golosa, "Sexy Stalin: The Eroticization of the Leader's Image," "Balabanov's Brother and Brother 2: Post-Soviet Stalinist Socialist Realism"

    Courses Taught: 19th Century Russian Literature; 20th Century Russian Literature; Fairy Tales; Vampires: Blood and Empire; Recitations second-semester of beginning Russian


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