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  • [C-1] Zhen Yue, Shuguang Han, Daqing He, and Jiepu Jiang. A Comparison of Action Transitions in Individual and Collaborative Exploratory Web Search. The Eighth Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference. (AIRS 2012). (Acceptance rate = 27.3%)
  • [R-3] Shuguang Han, Daqing He, Zhen Yue, Jiepu Jiang and Wei Jeng. IRIS-IPS: An Interactive People Search System for HCIR Challenge. 2012 Human-Computer Information Retrieval Symposium. (HCIR Challenge Report). Boston, IBM Research.
  • [R-2] Jiepu Jiang, Daqing He, Shuguang Han. On Duplicate Results in a Search Session. In Proceedings of the 21st Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 2012).

2011 and Before

  • [R-1] Jiepu Jiang, Shuguang Han, Jia Wu. PITT at TREC 2011 Session Track. TREC Session Track 2011 (TREC 2011)
  • [W-1] Jiang, Jiepu, Shuguang Han, and Wei Lu. "Expertise retrieval using search engine results." Proceedings of the SIGIR Workshop on Future Challenges in Expertise Retrieval,(fCHER’08). 2008.

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