Biography (CV)

I am a 4th year PhD student at School of Information Sciences , University of Pittsburgh . My advisor is Dr. Daqing He. I also collaborate with Dr. Peter Brusilovsky and Dr. Rosta Farzan in iSchool. I am consistently working on projects related to information retrieval algorithms and interfaces to support difficult search tasks (e.g. exploratory people search, collaborative web search). Recently, I am exploring the search and recommendation algorithms in mobile environments; particularly, I am interested in using mobile touch interactions from user self or other users (social navigation) to improve the search performance. Here is an example of the approach.

Before that, I received both my Master degree and Bachelor degree from School of Information Management, Wuhan University . I also worked at Baidu for six months between June 2009 and December 2009.


Research Interests

  • Investigating and supporting exploratory people search tasks in multiple task settings.
  • Investigating and supporting difficult search tasks (such as cross-device search tasks, people search tasks) in mobile environments.
  • Using mobile rich interactions to improve content-based information retrieval and recommendations.
  • Information seeking behaviours, especially in collaborative information seeking and social search environments.
  • Incorporating heterogeneous information resources in graphical models.

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