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Inventory of PA Biodiversity Databases Report

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Biodiversity Information Form

Do you have a teaching collection of plants and/or animal specimens?
Have you been monitoring squirrel foraging habits in an oak forest?
Have you done plant and/or animal surveys? Long-term monitoring projects?
Have you been watching ecological succession of algae in a pond?

If you have been collecting this kind of information, would you be willing to let other researchers in PA know about your work?

If so, please go to Biodiversity Information Form
to fill out and submit a description of the data you have been collecting. It will be entered into the Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership's "Pennsylvania Biodiversity Data Inventory" (PBDI). PLEASE NOTE, you will NOT be asked for access to your datasets. You will provide a DESCRIPTION ONLY of your existing datasets--whether they are in field notes or electronic format.

Knowing what biota and ecological communities exist within PA will be useful in developing a comprehensive biodiversity conservation plan in the Commonwealth. Vertebrates and vascular plants are fairly well-known in PA. If you study organisms not in those catefories, your information is of particular interest. If you study small, under-represented ecological communities in PA, this information is also very valuable.

If you do not maintain data on Pennsylvania organisms or its ecological communities, please go to Biodiversity Information Form
and click on "no bioidversity information to report." It is also helpful t to know who does not study the biota of Pennsylvania.


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