The Cyberlearning Lab
Directed by Sam Donovan
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

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Our work in the Cyberlearning Lab focuses on the effective use of networked computing and communications technologies in undergraduate biology education. More specifically, we are interested in the ways that open educational resources, web 2.0 technologies, and e-science data and tools can be used to create opportunities for students to engage in realistic biological research and problem solving. We partner with a wide range of projects and organizations across the biological science in both curriculum and faculty development activities. We invite you to learn more by exploring these web pages. Feel free to contact Sam Donovan with comments and questions.

Featured Projects & Collaborations

Cyberlearning at Community Colleges

    Exploring cyberlearing and building a user community for
                National Science Digital Library resources (More...)
                                                                                                                    See more projects

Student Research Using Online Data

    A collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology promoting
                the use of citizen science data in biology education (More...)        

Recent Activity

RMBL DRYAD Cornell Lab of Ornithology BioQuest

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