Pittsburgh Chess League Quick Quad By-Laws

  1. The Entry Fee shall be $10.00 per player with a $3 discount to age 18 & Under.

  2. Prizes shall be $20 for 1st place in each quad.

  3. A Grand Prix, consisting of results from quads, shall be run over the PCL season from October to the April Morning quads (excluding the April Afternoon quads). In order to encourage participation, prizes will be based upon Total Points Scored, with ties broken by Total Games Played, followed by coin toss.

  4. A total of $50 may be spent on three trophies (ages as of the October PCL Round):

    1. Grand Prix Champion.
    2. Top Age 18 & Under.
    3. Top Age 12 & Under.

  5. These Quick Quad By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote at any meeting of the PCL Council.

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Last Revised: September 07, 1999