Spatial Cognition and Computation


Spatial Cognition and Computation

An Interdisciplinary Journal


Anthony G. Cohn (Editor)
University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Daniel R. Montello (Editor)
University of California, Santa Barbara
Publisher: Taylor and Francis, UK
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Calls for Upcoming Special Issues

Special Issue on the Perception, Cognition and Reasoning about Shadows
Patrick Cavanagh , Centre Attention and Vision, Laboratorie de la Psychologie de la Perception, Paris, France
Roberto Casati , Institut Nicod, CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
Paulo E. Santos, Centro Universitarioda FEI, S. Paulo, Brazil
Expression of interest by April 30, 2016
Submission of full papers: June 30, 2016

Special Issue on Spatial Approaches to Information Search
Andrea Ballatore, Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
Werner Kuhn, Geography/Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
Mary Hegarty, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
Ed Parsons, Google
Expression of interest by March 30, 2015
Submission of full papers due: July 30, 2015

Special Issue on Computational Models of Place
Simon Scheider, Maria Vasardani, Chris Jones, Ross Purves, and Stephan Winter (Eds).
Submission due: 28 February 2014

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The journal of Spatial Cognition and Computation is a multidisciplinary journal based on the assumption that the critical issues pertaining to spatial cognition and computation lie at the intersection of a number of disciplines, in particular, cognitive psychology, computer science, geography, neuropsychology and artificial intelligence. Recent years have seen a growth in the desire of these communities to share insights and results. The aim of the journal is both to concentrate the presentation of research into spatial cognition and computation, and to explicitly encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue.

Specific topics within the scope of the journal include:

  • cognitive and computational models of spatial cognition;
  • navigation, environmental learning and cognitive mapping;
  • cognitive development and representation of large scale space;
  • neuropsychology and spatial cognition;
  • common sense and qualitative models of space;
  • robot navigation and wayfinding;
  • models and applications of spatial and diagrammatic reasoning;
  • spatial cognition and visual languages;
  • cognitive theories of imagery and imaginal reasoning;
  • integration of vision and natural language processing;
  • representation and processing of spatial expressions;
  • cross-linguistic issues in spatial language;
  • sign language and spatial cognition;
  • gestural analysis and multimodal interfaces;
  • visualization and spatial cognition;
  • navigation and orientation in virtual environments and hypermedia.



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