University of Pittsburgh Student Course Descriptions

This site is not endorsed by the University of Pittsburgh.  All course descriptions contained within this site are submitted by students who have previously taken the course.  They are reproduced as received, and do not represent the views of the University of Pittsburgh or the webmaster, and should not be taken as such. 

This site is provided as a service for students of the University of Pittsburgh.  Ultimately, it is hoped that this site will be a resource for students to find information on specific courses they are planning to take.  Contained within are students' opinions on the courses they have taken as well as general information on courses and required homework, projects and exams taken in these courses.

As students of the University of Pittsburgh, you have the right to hear real descriptions of the classes you are planning to take rather than the "canned" description given by the university.

You are welcome and encouraged to take part in this by adding your own course description from your own point of view, or by reading others' descriptions in each department.  Don't worry if the course you would like to add is already listed on this site; chances are that you had a different professor, but regardless, your input is more than welcome.  This site is reliant on its users to grow.  Each course you add only improves the effectiveness of this site.  If the course you are looking for is not listed, do not be discouraged - check back often as students may add descriptions at any time!

 Contained within this site:
  • Course names and critiques
  • Professor names and critiques
  • Homework required and frequency
  • Projects required and frequency
  • Writing assignments and frequency
  • Number of and format of exams
  • Number and cost of books required for the class
 Help improve this site!
Add a Course Description for a Class You Have Taken
Adding your own personal course description/critique is the only way this site will grow and improve.


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