Large spatially extended networks of LIF neurons.
C and Matlab code to simulate large networks of LIF neurons with spatially dependent recurrent connection probabilities. In one version of the code, random connections are computed on the fly by storing seeds for a random number generator. While this introduces some overhead in computation time, it avoids the need for storing a full connection matrix so that memory usage grows linearly instead of quadratically with network size. This permits the simulation of densely connected networks with millions of neurons.
To accompany the article Balanced networks of spiking neurons with spatially dependent recurrent connections.

Spiking statistics for the dLIF neuron model.
Matlab code for computing the spiking statistics of the discrete LIF neuron model.
To accompany the article Mechanisms that modulate the transfer of spiking correlations.

Nonautonomous Differential Equations.
Animations and Mathematica code to visualize the solution of some unstable linear nonautonomous differential equations with constant negative eigenvalues.
To accompany the article Unstable solutions of nonautonomous linear differential equations.