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University of Pittsburgh Judo I



Mr. Eugene Kim, godan with his father Mr. Kyu Ha Kim, kudan

Mr. Eugene Kim & Mr. Kyu Ha Kim

Judo is a Japanese “martial way” founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano in Tokyo , Japan . It is practiced the world over as a method of self-defense, for physical fitness and as an Olympic sport. In 1964, it was introduced at Tokyo Olympiad and in 1972 became a regular medal sport. Women’s judo became a medal sport in 1992. Judo is second only to track and field in participating nations at the Olympic Games.

Judo literally translates as “the gentle way” and is based on two main principles: Seiryoku Zen’yo, Maximum Efficiency, and Jita Kyoei, mutual benefit. Judo is a systematized set of throwing techniques (nage waza), grappling techniques (katame waza) and striking and blocking techniques (atemi waza). You will learn all of this and more during the coming semester.

Your head instructor, Mr. Kyu Ha Kim, has been studying judo for more than 50 years. Originally from Korea , Mr. Kim is a Korean National Champion and world renowned teacher of the martial arts including judo, taekwondo, jujutsu and aikido. In May 2000, Mr. Kim was promoted to ninth-degree black belt or kudan by the Korean Judo Federation and is one of the highest ranking judoka in the world.

Mr. Kim's son, Eugene Kim, is a fifth-degree black belt or godan and has been studying the martial arts since he was five years old. Mr. Eugene Kim is also an accomplished instructor and has won many national tournaments.

The syllabi and course guide are available here:

Revised 01/11/2005
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