Dick's Web Page (W3SYY)

Welcome to my homepage. Below are some files you might find of interest. Feel free to download them and use them as you wish. Absolutely no warranty/guarantee. Use at your own risk!


X8085.ZIP (61k, 5/00) Cross assembler for the 8080 and 8085 microprocessors. QuickBasic source code included. Produces Hex code output file. (MSDOS) Not the fastest but it works!

DB8085.ZIP (12k, 4/00) Disassembler for 8080 and 8085 microprocessors. Requires a binary file for input. Two-pass operation to provide labels. C source code included. (MSDOS)

Liberty BASIC (Ver. 3.x) Windows Programs. Get runtime package at www.libertybasic.com

VSWR.ZIP (4k, 6/03) A vswr calculator for Amateur Radio Applications. BASIC source/tkn files. (WIN95 & up)

ANTPATRN.ZIP (6k, 6/03) Displays radiation pattern of an isotropic antenna at various heights and frequencies. BASIC source/tkn files (WIN95 & up).

ANTTOWER.ZIP (7k, 6/03) Displays radiation pattern of a set of vertical towers spaced a given distance apart. BASIC source/tkn files (WIN95 & up).

DIPOLES.ZIP (6k, 6/03) Displays radiation patterns of a single dipole antenna at various lengths (in wavelengths). Calculates radiation resistance. BASIC source/tkn files (WIN95 & up).

PIC16F84 Microcontroller Programs

KEYER.ZIP (5k, 5/00) Simple electronic keyer for Amateur Radio. Assembly source/hex files, schematic.

MKEYER.ZIP (7k, 5/00) Same as KEYER.ZIP but also contains four "prerecorded" messages. They are selected by four push buttons. Assembly source/hex files, schematic.

CHIMES.ZIP (6k, 10/99) Program that simulates the Westminster Chimes of a Grandfather Clock. Different melodies for each quarter hour. Four buttons select the quarter hour. Assembly/hex files, schematic.


KIM-1.ZIP (28k, 10/99) 6502 assembly source and hex files for the KIM-1 SBC two roms.

OSIC1P.ZIP (18k, 8/01) OSI - C1P microcomputer rom binary files (5) Includes BASIC and the monitor system.

C1PSCHEM.ZIP (395k, 8/01) OSI-C1P series 2 microcomputer schematics (Six PDF files).

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Thanks for stopping by and 73, de -Dick- W3SYY

Updated: 17 Jan 2012