Wednesday, December 30th MMIX
    New Millenium Math rears its ignorance once again.  Just
   as in the year 2000 the general public displayed its 
   School of Education mentality, so it is doing again at the
   end of MMIX.  (That's the traditional Roman Numberal dating
   for 2009 for those of you who attend public schools.) This
   time it's doing it by calling MMIX the "last year of the
   decade," which, of course, it isn't.  Since the millenium
   began in MMI, MMX will be the last year of the first 
   decade of the millenium. You see, it's quite simple.  Nine
   and one make ten, unless you learned your math from a 
   member of the NEA.  
   Speaking of New Millenium Math, the Undocumented Community
   Organizer has said that the extra trillion dollars health-
   care legislation will add to the Federal budget will actually
   decrease the deficit and save money.  It's not unlike the 
   times my mother would spend two hundred dollars on a Sat-
   urday shopping spree and tell my father how much money she 
   saved.  Mom may not have been a whiz at math, but she had
   enough sense not to vote  Democrat, and that's where math
   really counts.