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                  Lehigh       Fernuniversitaet
                Lehigh University Honorary Degree Ceremony (1993)    Hagen Fernuniversitaet Honorary Degree Ceremony (2002)

   Graman Medal of Merit  Helmholtz Medal
      On the occasion of the award of theMedal of Merit Award                        With President Martin Groetschel of the
     of the Federal Republic of Germany (2011) Honorary Consul                  German Academy of Sciences making the 

     Murdock, Nicholas Rescher,Consul General von Albensleven,                        Helmholz Medal award (2016)

             University Chancellor Mark Nordenberg


                                     Leibniz machine
                                                        with the Leibniz Machine (2012)

 Family Photo    with Dorothy    with Estelle
    Family portrait (2008)                                                With wife Dorothy (2015)                                    With assistant Estelle (2016)