* "The work of Nicholas Rescher affords a striking illustration of the encyclopedic mission of philosophy, and of the challenging dialogue that should ever be maintained among different philosophical traditions."


From the Helmholtz Medal laudation


* "The comprehensive scope of Rescher's work is unique in contemporary philosophy."


J. Nidi-Rumelin

Philosophie der Gegenwart


* "Rescher's development of his pragmatic idealism is characterized by an unusually wide range of sympathy and information."


John Kekes

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy


* "From Rescher's intellectual power and restless curiosity has come a system of philosophy unsurpassed in our century."


Ernest Sosa

The Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophy


* "With respect to his enormous output and the wide range of his achievements, Rescher has few rivals in the history of philosophy. His philosophical system is a monument of twentieth century philosophy."


John K. Roth (ed.)

Philosophers and Their Works


* "Rescher has contributed to virtually every area of nonstandard logic and philosophical logic."


John Woods

The International Directory of Logicians


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