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O.R.Operations Research

There are a number of resources on the web for information about O.R. Rather than try to list these all out, I would suggest that you start by checking out the page below which was originally started by Mike Trick at CMU and now resides at INFORMS Online:
Mike Trick.INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection (previously known as "Mike Trick's O.R. page")
This is easily the most complete and comprehensive resource around, and there are links from here to zillions of sites around the world from where you can get lots of useful OR related info.

Here are just a few that I personally recommend:

The "Science of Better" page
Yves Rochat's Operations Research Surf
WORMS (World-Wide-Web for Operations Research and Management Sciences).
Mathematical Programming Glossary (originally started by Harvey Greenberg)
J. E. Beasley's O.R. Notes
Decision Tree for Optimization Software: Mittlemann and Spellucci
Linear Programming FAQ
Nonlinear Programming FAQ
Usenet Discussion Group sci.op-research

Professional Societies


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                logo Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

MPS Mathematical Programming Society

SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society


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