Psych logo The Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh forms the core of one of the largest and most productive groups of psychologists in the country. A recent review by the Institute for Scientific Information listed our department among the top 10 with the highest impact on psychology. We have a full-time faculty of 38 psychologists with national and international reputations, in addition to many secondary and adjunct faculty. Faculty in our department have more than 40 individual and program grants totalling approximately $8 million, and also participate in program grants through other units of the university.

One of the distinguishing features of our department is the amount of basic research done on problems of practical importance. Examples are research on infant socialization, which has implications for day care, and the effect of stress on the cardiovascular system.

The department is organized into five programs for the purpose of graduate training, although students are encouraged to make use of the resources of the entire department. The five programs are:

There are also joint programs in developmental child psychopathology and behavioral medicine (see Clinical Psychology Program). In addition, the department has connections to other departments, schools, and centers at the University of Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon University.

Further information is available on the following topics:

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