Social Program Faculty
from Left to Right: John Levine, Andrew Baum, Carey Ryan,
Richard Moreland, Janet Schofield, Martin Greenberg

Andrew Baum, PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Professor of Psychiatry & Psychology
Perceived control, psychosocial aspects of health and illness, social support, attribution theory.
Martin Greenberg, PhD, University of Houston, Professor of Psychology
Coping with victimization, social support, social comparison, cognition and affect, social influence.
John Levine, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Professor of Psychology
Temporal changes in the relations between groups and their members, majority and minority influence, group performance under stress, impact of social interaction on thinking and learning.
Richard Moreland, PhD, University of Michigan, Professor of Psychology and Management
Social behavior in groups and organizations, establishment and maintenance of personal and social identities, social development.
Carey Ryan, PhD, University of Colorado, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Stereotyping and intergroup relations, research methods, evaluation research.
Janet Schofield, PhD, Harvard University, Professor of Psychology
Impact of computers on classroom social processes, school desegregation, intergroup relations.

Affiliated Faculty

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