IV. Sanctions

The alternative sanctions which may be imposed upon a finding that an offense related to academic integrity has been committed are the following:

1. Dismissal from the University without expectation of readmission.

2. Suspension from the University for a specific period of time.

3. Reduction in grade, or assignment of a failing grade, in the course in which the offending paper or examination was submitted.

4. Reduction in grade, or assignment of a failing grade, on the paper or examination in which the offense occurred. Individual academic units can add other sanctions approved by the dean of the academic unit and the Provost. Such sanctions must be made known to students.

In administering sanctions, academic units must strive to achieve consistency in their application. That is, within the same units, the same sanctions should be applied for the same offenses, unless extenuating circumstances can be documented, e.g. the student is a repeat offender.

 The imposition of such sanctions may be considered by the academic unit in the preparation of any report concerning a student submitted to a government agency, accrediting body, or other person or institution in accordance with the requirements of law or the written consent of the student.

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