V. Academic Integrity Hearing Board

The Academic Integrity Hearing Board shall be composed of both faculty and students and consist of: [Here state the number of persons on the board; the manner and criteria for selecting members as well as the chair; the terms of service; the means for choosing individuals to serve in particular cases, if a panel of the entire board is to have this responsibility; and other related organizational matters.]

 In electing or appointing members to the Academic Integrity Hearing Boards, emphasis should be placed on obtaining faculty members with expertise and/or concerns related to academic integrity matters. Regardless of the selection process, it is the responsibility of the dean to provide all new Academic Integrity Hearing Board members with an orientation designed to familiarize the new members with the academic integrity guidelines for the given unit. Hearing board memberships should be elected or appointed in a way to ensure continuity of membership as well as an orderly turnover of the membership.

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