Minutes of November 18, 1999 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 10:05 a.m. in room 817 Cathedral of

	UPBC members present were: Mary Ann Barber, Clifford Brubaker,
Frank Cassell, James Cassing, Jerome Cochran, Richard Colwell, N. John
Cooper, James Maher, Thomas Metzger, George Mongell, Richard Pratt, Arthur
Ramicone, Debora Rougeux, Philip Wion, and Thomas Wolf.  Also present
were: Jeffrey Liebmann, and Jeffrey Masnick.
	UPBC members not present were: Carolyn Ban, Van Beck Hall, Nathan
Hershey, Arthur Levine, Linda Marts, Carol Neuner, Jaime Ann Rakow,
Michael Stuckart, Bruce Williams, and Valerie Watzlaf.

Approval of the Minutes and Report of the Chair

	The minutes of the October 18 meeting were approved.  After a
discussion of possible future agenda items, Maher agreed to provide an
presentation on the status of  academic unit planning as well as an
overview of the human resource information system currently being
developed.  Ramicone reported that recent ORACLE updates ensured Y2K
compliance and that a prototype of the new system will soon be modeled.

Discussion of FY 2001 Commonwealth Budget Submission

	Ramicone discussed issues facing the University in the development
of the FY 2001 budget.  He provided some broad understanding by explaining
that: a one percent increase in tuition generates $1.8 million in revenue;
a one percent increase in the State appropriation generates $1.5 million
to the Educational and General budget; and a one percent increase in the
employee salary base generates an expenditure of $2.8 million.
	Ramicone discussed several issues that will affect the FY 2001
University budget, including:

--new debt service associated with the capital budget (approximately
$1.5 million);
--continuing efforts to fully fund the research development fund ($3
--possible increases in medical insurance costs (at least $2
--new facility operating costs, including portions of the costs
associated with the Masonic Temple, the Multi-Purpose Academic Complex,
the Thomas Boulevard building and the Convocation Center;
--new permanent and one-time funding associated with proposed
recommendations of the Information Technology Steering Committee;
--continuing commitment to funding new academic programs ($1
million) and new student program initiatives ($500 thousand);
--increase in the library acquisition budget; 
--increases in utility expenditures; and
--possible incremental increases in other areas, such as
Institutional Advancement.

Members discussed possible sources of increased revenues, such as
investment income and the Chancellor's discretionary funds

Matters Arising

	Wion reported that work will soon begin on the Attribution Study,
and expressed the hope that the report will be completed relatively
quickly this year.

	The meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m.