Minutes of March 19, 1998 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 2:03 p.m. in room 817 Cathedral of

	UPBC members present were: Mary Ann Barber, Toni Carbo, James
Cassing, Jerome Cochran, Richard Colwell, Thomas Detre, Ingrid Glasco, Van
Beck Hall, Gordon MacLeod,  Josephine Olson, Richard Pratt, Arthur
Ramicone, Ellen Beam Rudy, Alec Stewart, and Philip Wion.  Also present
were: Margaret Duronio, James Earle, Lisa Janicek, Jeffrey Liebmann,
William Madden, Carol Neuner, Steve Pederson, Joseph Phillips, and Robert
	UPBC members not present were: Deborah Friedman, Brian Hart, James
Maher, Margaret Rechter, Peter Shane, and Michael Stuckart, Alyson
Wallach, Susan Whitney, and Bruce Williams.

Approval of the Minutes and Report of the Chair

	The minutes of the February 16, 1998 UPBC meeting were approved.
Pack reported that, as part of the ongoing strategic planning effort of
the Institutional Technology Steering Committee (ITSC), the resource base,
resource utilization, and structural issues of Computing and Information
Services, the University Library System, and the Center for Instructional
Development and Distance Education are being examined.  Like the
University Facilities Plan developed in 1997, the ITSC plan will be
developed and reviewed sometime in the near future.

Update on Planning and Budgeting in the Department of Athletics

	Peterson discussed some of the recent successes in the
University's athletic programs, including increased ticket sales and
interest in teams, the addition of two new women's sports, and the
academic achievement of outstanding student athletes.  He also summarized
benchmarking statistics that indicate that the budget and human resource
commitment of the University to athletics is modest relative to comparable
Big East institutions.
	Phillips compared FY 1996 and FY 1997 actual revenues and
expenditures, in particular explaining the components of the increase in
University support.  The fluctuation was due to a number of unusual
one-time factors including: a revenue decrease resulting from a weak home
football schedule and the loss of two Civic Arena basketball games; the
large turnover in personnel, resulting in larger than projected relocation
and travel expenses; and gender equity adjustments, such as enhanced
travel costs and scholarships for women's sports.  Phillips explained that
the FY 1998 budget reflects a more "normal" year.
	In response to questions, Phillips explained some of the unique
attributes of budgeting athletics activities, differentiating between
revenue sports (football and men's basketball) and the non-revenue sports.
He explained that the revenue sports continue to strive toward
Matters Arising

	In response to a question regarding the status of capital
projects, Cochran reported that progress now awaits the completion of the
University Housing Plan, which must precede action by the Board of
Trustees and the City of Pittsburgh.  The first phase of this plan
consists of approximately 200 beds in garden-style apartments,
particularly in the Bouquet Street area.

	The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.