Minutes of June 23, 1997 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 2:05 p.m. in room 817 Cathedral of

	UPBC members present were: Toni Carbo, James Cassing, Jerome
Cochran, Richard Colwell, James DeAngelis, Ingrid Glasco, Brian Hart,
James Maher, Josephine Olson, Arthur Ramicone, Michael Stuckart, Susan
Whitney, Bruce Williams, and Philip Wion.  Also present were: George
Klinzing, Jeffrey Liebmann, Gordon MacLeod, William Madden, Jeffrey
Masnick, Carol Neuner, and Kathy Tosh.
	UPBC members not present were: Mary Ann Barber, Justin DalMolin,
Thomas Detre, Deborah Friedman, Keith McDuffie, Richard Pratt, Margaret
Rechter, Jeffrey Romoff, Ellen Beam Rudy, Peter Shane, and Alec Stewart.

Approval of the Minutes

	The minutes of the May 8 and May 29 UPBC meetings were approved. 

Update on the Activities of the Information Technology Steering Committee

	Klinzing reported on the activities of the Committee in the past
year, explaining the expanded charge to plan for all information
technology for the University.  As a result, four subcommittees were
formed: departmental and faculty access; student access; networks and
libraries; and information architecture.  He explained that the Committee
will continue to approve use of student Computer and Technology Fee
revenues.  In addition, the Committee will soon begin to project future
expenditures and determine strategies for prioritizing information
technology proposals.

Discussion of Final FY 1998 Budget

	Ramicone summarized the differences between the budget parameters
submitted by the UPBC to the Chancellor and those being presented for
approval to the Board of Trustees.  The most significant change was the
increase in the salary increment from 2.5% to 3.0%, in part funded by an
increase in tuition paid by out-of-state students from 4.5% to 5.5%. Other
differences represented improved estimates in certain expenditure
categories, such as utilities, a restoration of $400,000 to the
contingency reserve, and reduced debt service based on revisions to the
capital budget.

Recommendation for the Distribution of FY 1998 Salary Increase Funds

	Wion discussed salary increase distributions proposed by Senate
Budget Policies Committee, suggesting that specific funds be designated
for maintenance of real salary, merit/market, and equity adjustments.  For
the latter, in particular, Wion emphasized the importance of setting aside
central funds.  Olson expressed concern over maintaining overall faculty
quality should the University designate funds specifically for equity
adjustments.  Cassing added that setting aside funds for equity
adjustments would reduce the salary increases of the majority of employees
and benefit a small number.
	Wion moved that the UPBC recommend to the Chancellor that the 3.0%
increase in faculty salaries for FY 1998 be divided into 2.0% for
maintenance of real salary (for satisfactory performance), 0.75% for
merit/market, and 0.25% for equity adjustments.  Hart seconded.  Wion
accepted a friendly amendment from Hart to extend the recommendation to
include staff employees.  Several members expressed concern over the
difficulty in proving the existence of inequity and that market forces and
equity issues are often inseparable.

	Olson moved to amend the motion changing the proposed distribution
to 1.0% for maintenance of real salaries (for satisfactory performance)
and 2.0% for merit/market/equity adjustments.  Carbo seconded.  Members
discussed the need for a cost of living adjustment higher than 1%.  The
proposed amendment was rejected by a vote of 2 to 8 (with one abstention).
	Cassing moved to amend the motion changing the proposed
distribution to 2.0% for maintenance of real salaries (for satisfactory
performance) and 1.0% for merit/market/equity adjustments.  Carbo
seconded.  The proposed amendment was approved by a vote of 9 to 1 (with
one abstention).  The amended proposal was approved by a vote of 10 to 1
(with one abstention).  Wion suggested that efforts to improve information
needed to identify salary inequities continue.

	The meeting adjourned at 3:51 p.m.