Minutes of April 10, 1997 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 10:08 a.m. in room 817 Cathedral of

	UPBC members present were: James Cassing, Jerome Cochran, Richard
Colwell, James DeAngelis, James Maher, Richard Pratt, Arthur Ramicone,
Ellen Beam Rudy, Brian Ulery, and Philip Wion.  Also present were: Deborah
Friedman, Jeffrey Liebmann, Jeffrey Masnick, and Robert Pack.
	UPBC members not present were: Mary Ann Barber, Toni Carbo, Justin
DalMolin, Thomas Detre, Ingrid Glasco, Brian Hart, Keith McDuffie,
Josephine Olson, Margaret Rechter, Jeffrey Romoff, Peter Shane, Alec
Stewart, Michael Stuckart, Susan Whitney, and Bruce Williams.

Update on Planning in the Health Sciences

	Masnick reported on the current status of planning and budgeting
in the schools of the Health Sciences.  He described the approach being
used among the schools, explaining that all of the schools are examining
all programs, rather than prioritizing programs internally. He cited
current activities, including a proposed Emergency Medicine program,
completion of the transfer of the Department of Communication Science and
Disorders from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the School of Health
and Rehabilitative Sciences, and the review of the SHRS facility finances.
	Masnick summarized the condition of Health Science facilities,
including Scaife Hall, the Biomedical Sciences Tower, the
recently-completed Medical Research Facility, Salk Hall, Victoria Hall,
the Forbes Tower, Public Health, and Western Psychiatric Institute and
Clinic.  He cited planned upgrades, mostly in Scaife Hall, to address
teaching space, laboratory space, and other issues addressed annually.  He
stated that the schools are doing well academically and that efforts are
progressing to produce benchmarks that will help assess the efficiency and
effectiveness of resource allocations.
	Members discussed future funding issues, including the prospect
for continued support from the UPMC-System.  Masnick reported that managed
care will likely affect this support.  He added that the UPMC-System
should be able to serve as a buffer to any precipitous impacts on the
University budget.

Matters Arising

	Ramicone reported that a draft document on faculty retirement
policy and related financial implications will be prepared and reviewed in
the next few weeks.  Members discussed the possible impact on budget
parameters for the coming year.  Maher stated that the retirement plan
provides the University with an opportunity to invest in priorities.

	The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.