Minutes of August 29, 1996 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 10:06 a.m. in room 817 Cathedral of

	UPBC members present were: James Cassing, Jerome Cochran, Richard
Colwell, James DeAngelis, James Maher, Keith McDuffie, Josephine Olson,
Richard Pratt, Arthur Ramicone, Margaret Rechter, Ellen Beam Rudy, Peter
Shane, Alec Stewart, Brian Ulery, Susan Whitney, and Philip Wion.  Also
present were: Ann Dykstra, Jeffrey Liebmann, William Madden, Jeffrey
Masnick, and Robert Pack.
	UPBC members not present were: Toni Carbo, Thomas Detre, Ingrid
Glasco, Brian Hart, Linda Messineo, Jeffrey Romoff, Michael Stuckart, and
Bruce Williams.

Report of the Chair

	Maher stated that the draft Report of the Capital Planning
Committee was presented to the Senate Executive Committee, the Council of
Deans, and a group of community leaders.  Further review will continue
through September, with UPBC recommendations to be discussed and acted
upon at the September 30 meeting.  He stressed the importance of reaching
final agreement on capital projects so that a fund raising campaign can be
designed to help ease the burden that associated debt service will place
on the Educational and General budget of the University.

Final FY 1997 Operating Budget 

	Copies of the final FY 1997 operating budget for the University
were distributed and Ramicone discussed changes made subsequent to the
UPBC recommendation in June, including:

-- $1.3 million additional Commonwealth operating funds appropriation
   placed in transfers to offset a proposed one-time expenditure of
-- $1.5 million in Commonwealth capital funding for distance education;
-- a 3.5% increase to the salary pool based on revised estimates of
   achievable reductions in compensation expenditures; and
-- $2.0 million added tuition revenue based on revised enrollment

Ramicone explained that the FY 1997 budget includes for the first time all
financial aid expenditures at their actual levels.  Pack added that the
undergraduate merit scholarship program will be fully funded as of the FY
1998 budget.
	In response to Rudy's question, Maher explained that a faculty
early retirement program proposal will be discussed with the Senate Health
and Welfare and UPBC Planning Parameters Committees soon and implemented
during this academic year.  Pack cited several activities implemented to
produce salary savings in the Provost's area including the funding of
staff vacancies at no higher than the control point for the job
classification and procedures for recovering salary from vacant positions.
In response to Wion's question, Maher added that deans have the
flexibility to supplement salary funds to facilitate staff transfers and
that these salary control measures are being carefully implemented to
avoid causing any harm to academic programs.  He emphasized the importance
of understanding that the need for such salary measures must be balanced
against the less desirable option of terminating existing employees.

FY 1998 Budget Submission to the Commonwealth

	Ramicone explained that the annual budget submission to the
Commonwealth for the coming fiscal year is due in Harrisburg on September
23 and requested UPBC input.  Dykstra provided information on the
assumptions being discussed among other state-owned and state-related
universities as they prepare their budget submissions.
	Rudy stated that the University should try to keep tuition
increases to a minimum.  Wion suggested building into the request a salary
increase assumption that will make a significant impact on average salary
levels relative to inflation.  Members emphasized the importance of making
the Commonwealth aware of the many cost-savings efforts already
implemented at the University in recent years.

Proposal to Terminate the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program in the
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

	Maher explained the background of the proposal, which derived from
planning discussions within the School.  The Program required significant
investments to remain current with necessary technology and was, at the
same time, rated low in priority among the School's programs.  He
emphasized that continuing student needs will be accommodated during the
termination.  Wion cited the importance of  the proposal's commitment for
people in the program.  Rudy moved that the UPBC recommend approval of the
proposal to the Chancellor.  McDuffie seconded.  The motion was approved

Proposal to Establish the Master of Public Policy and Management Degree
Program in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

	Maher provided background to the proposal, which arose from the
School's discussions of student demand.  The proposed degree program
responds to changing patterns in student enrollment while protecting the
existing base enrollment in current programs.  In response to questions,
Pack indicated that distance learning costs would be built into external
contract agreements and that the program could be accommodated by existing
classroom space.  Rudy moved that the UPBC recommend approval of the
proposal to the Chancellor.  Whitney seconded.  The motion was approved

	The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.