Minutes of March 20, 2003 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 10:03 a.m. in room 817 Cathedral of 

	UPBC members present were:  Tammeka Banks, Frank Cassell, James 
Cassing, Jerome Cochran, Richard Colwell, N. John Cooper, Christine 
Dollaghan, Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, Attilio Favorini, Gerald Holder, James 
Maher, Maureen McClure, Barbara Mowery, Mary Ann Peterson, Arthur 
Ramicone, Michael Stuckart, Philip Wion, and Stephen Wisniewski.  Also 
present were: Richard Henderson, Jeffrey Liebmann, Charles McLaughlin, 
Robert Pack, and Paul Supowitz.
	UPBC members not present were: David DeJong, Christopher Happ, 
Arthur Levine, Christopher Riegel, Evelyn Talbott, Kevin Washo, and Thomas 

Update on the Medical Insurance Contract

	Cochran reported that with insurance plan modifications, moving to 
a fully-insured program, and setting a target of 85% employer/15% employee 
cost sharing, the incremental University budget obligation related to the 
new medical insurance contract is $9.5 million.  With the exception of 
some minor modifications, Cochran reported that this contract represents 
the best that could be expected given the current health care environment.
	Cochran also discussed the issue of medical insurance coverage for 
retired faculty.  In the past, the University covered expenses beyond 
Medicare and, as time passed, costs have increased dramatically and will 
do so again in the coming year.  Cochran reported that a human resources 
consultant found that only 23% of employers nationally provide a retiree 
insurance plan and, of that number, only 24% of the employers pay a 
portion of the costs.  The consultant also found that this proportion is 
decreasing.  Cochran added that the University has no service requirement 
for eligibility to the program, which is unique.  He suggested that a cap 
be placed on the University's downstream liability and that a service 
requirement of some sort (perhaps a formula combining age and years of 
service) be imposed.
	Cochran indicated that the final work on the parameters related to 
the University's medical insurance plan should be finalized by mid-April.  
He added that the University is making every effort to treat regional 
campus employees equitably.  Cochran asked faculty and staff leaders to 
ameliorate concerns over premium increases, especially given that the 
University has not increased premiums in five years.
	Banks moved that the Committee support the proposed target 
distribution of premium allocations of 85% University/15% employee.  
Mowery seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Update on FY 2004 Planning and Budgeting Parameters

	Ramicone reported on the current status of discussions by the 
Parameters Subcommittee.  These discussions are in their early stages, and 
the focus is on refining cost estimates and developing scenarios for 
revenue estimates.  The primary variables at this time include the 
increases in tuition rates and employee compensation.  The focus is on 
ensuring that the parameters provide for the continued improvement in the 

	The meeting adjourned at 11:48 a.m.