Minutes of November 14, 2002 Meeting

	The meeting convened at 2:00 p.m. in room 817 Cathedral of 

	UPBC members present were:  Tammeka Banks, James Cassing, Jerome 
Cochran, Richard Colwell, N. John Cooper, David DeJong, Christine 
Dollaghan, Attilio Favorini, James Maher, Maureen McClure, Barbara Mowery, 
Mary Ann Peterson, Arthur Ramicone, Christopher Riegel, Philip Wion, and 
Thomas Wolf.  Also present were: Jeffrey Liebmann, William Madden, Charles 
McLaughlin, Robert Pack, and Paul Supowitz.
	UPBC members not present were: Frank Cassell, Jacqueline 
Dunbar-Jacob, Christopher Happ, Gerald Holder, Arthur Levine, Michael 
Stuckart, Evelyn Talbott, Kevin Washo, and Stephen Wisniewski.

Report of the Chair

	Provost Maher reported that Philip Wion will chair the Attribution 
Subcommittee again in 2002-03.  Wion added that the methodology is well 
settled, but that efforts this year will focus on updating the attribution 
of computing costs.  Maher then discussed how $500,000 of the Provost's 
share of the FY 2003 academic initiatives funds were used to address 
faculty salaries in areas where serious competitive disadvantages exist, 
including primarily certain FAS departments, Engineering, Business, Law, 
the regional campuses, and the University Library System.  Four staff 
classifications below local market averages received funds prorated over 
affected units to cover a significant fraction of the gap.  Wion added 
that the distribution of salary funds in the Health Sciences was discussed 
at a recent Senate Budget Policies Committee meeting.  Cochran explained 
that two units in the administrative area of the University were 
identified as being in particular need of market funds.

Discussion of FY 2004 Commonwealth Operating Budget Request

	Ramicone reported on the University's annual operating budget 
request, submitted to the Commonwealth in late September.  An overall 
increase in appropriations of 5.0% was requested, based on the assumption 
that such an increase would allow the University to hold tuition increases 
to 5.0% and increase the compensation pool by 4.0%.  He added that Penn 
State has requested a 4.0% increase in appropriations, based on a tuition 
increase of 6.0% and an already-implemented $500 fee assessed to new 
freshmen over the next two years.

Matters Arising

	Wion asked about the status of the University's 10-year facilities 
plan and suggested that a report could be a future agenda item.  Maher 
suggested that an agenda item for the next meeting could be a report on 
his approach to long-range planning issues, summarizing the goals the 
University is trying to accomplish.

	The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.