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Learn how the Housing Resource Center can help Pitt students, faculty, and staff find housing. We’re at your service! »

Relax. Read these answers to frequently asked questions. Soon you’ll be settled into a comfortable place of your own. »

University-owned Apartments
Pitt owns several hundred affordable and well-maintained apartments that are available to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. »

For Landlords
How to get listed in our office. »

Housing Guides
Student Housing Guide
Faculty/Staff Housing Guide
Apartment Lease Guide
Rental Costs Guide
National & Local Apartment Listings

Apartment Listings
City-inspected Apartments
University-owned Apartments
Apartment Buildings & Complexes
Landlords: Get Listed in Our Office

Sublet Service
Sublet Listing Service
Sublet Listing Application
The Ins & Outs of Subletting

Roommate Matching Service
Roommate Matching Listings
Roommate Matching Application
Selecting a Roommate

Related Sites
Hotels & Short-term Housing
Hotels & Motels
Corporate & Regular Short-term Housing
Pittsburgh Bed & Breakfasts

Rental Tips
Apartment Prices: Can You Negotiate?
Renter's Checklist
Apartment Inspection Checklist
Apartment Safety: Don't Assume It's Safe
Renter's Insurance: Do You Need It?
Renter's Feedback: Share Your Experience

Leasing Information
Apartment Lease Guide
The Ins & Outs of Subletting
Tenant Rights
Understand Your Rental Responsibilities
Are You Threatened with Eviction?
Getting Your Security Deposit Back
Credit Checks/Credit Reports
Breaking a Lease
Tenant's Homepage

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Home Purchasing
Real Estate Brokers
Howard Hannah Gold Advantage Program

Insurance Companies
Housing Resources Online
Important Telephone Numbers
Fire Safety Tips
General Safety Tips
University of Pittsburgh Police
Pitt Parking, Transportation & Services
Port Authority
Storage Facilities
Inexpensive Furniture
Apartment Buildings & Complexes

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