Meet the Directors

  • Jon Lehan

    Executive Board Director

    Year: Junior

    Major: Finance

    “This will be my third year involved with Pitt Program Council and my second year as a director. Last year as Recreation Director, I planned fun and exciting events that contributed to an incredibly productive and well-rounded organization that has something to offer to every student on the Pitt campus. Although this executive board will continue to turn out incredible, high-quality events, this organization does not run without the help of our committee members. I encourage everyone to join a committee and be a part of Pitt Program Council experience because each of our directors has been on a committee at some point. I am excited to be the Executive Board Director for Pitt Program Council for the year of 2013-2014, and I have the highest of expectations that I'm sure this executive board, with the help of our committee members, will meet.”

  • Maddie Blom

    Advertising Director

    Year: Senior

    Majors: Finance and Marketing

    “Hi!! This is my second year involved in Pitt Program Council, but my first year as a director. I can't wait to get more involved on Pitt's campus and meet new people. I transferred to Pitt after my freshmen year and could not be happier with my decision. Pitt Program Council is one of the reasons I love Pitt as much as I do! I am looking forward to a great committee this year, and making advertisements to get students as excited about the upcoming events as I am!”



  • Amanda Jones

    Arts and Film Director

    Year: Junior

    Major: Anthropology and Political Science

    “Hello! This is my second year involved with Pitt Program Council and my first year as a director. I am excited to continue bringing fun movie nights to students and sharing my love of film. I am a Washingtonian born and raised; I love the rain, Starbucks and cheering for the Seattle Sounders. I can also always settle down with a good book or some good music. Post-graduation is a mystery right now but hopefully it involves cultural education and helping minority groups. I can’t wait to see both old and new faces at meetings and events, I promise we don’t bite!”


  • Mya Hogan

    Lecture Director

    Year: Senior

    Major: Psychology

    “Hi everyone! I am super excited to be this year’s Lecture Director and can’t wait to see what this year has to offer. This is my third year being involved with Pitt Program Council, but it is my first year as a director. My goal is to bring in a diverse group of speakers who will both entertain and inspire our undergraduate students. I look forward to starting a committee and learning as much as possible from all of those involved in Pitt Program Council. Hail to Pitt and let’s make this an AWESOME year :)”



  • Zoe Mulcahy

    Leisure Learning Director

    Year: Senior

    Majors: Political Science and Legal Studies

    “This is my third year involved with Pitt Program Council, and my second year as a director! I am from Northeast Pennsylvania so its "soda" not "pop," and Philadelphia sports teams have my heart for better or worse. I am looking forward to shaking up the campus this year and putting on programs that teach you things you would never expect to learn at college. I hope to see everyone come out to join our committees and attend our events this year! Hail to Pitt!”



  • Lindsy Steinberger

    Public Relations Director

    Year: Junior

    Majors: Psychology and Communication

    “Hi guys and gals! This is my second year involved in Pitt Program Council and my first as a director. I joined Pitt Program Council because I thought it was great that students could be a part of the events happening on campus. For this year, I can’t wait to meet new people and have the best committee ever! My job as Public Relations Director is to get the word out about how awesome Pitt Program Council is, and I can’t do that without you. I can’t wait to work with my committee this year to spread the word about all of our excellent events, and planning some of the coolest events ourselves. This year is going to be great!”


  • Jaimi Ross

    Recreation Director

    Year: Senior

    Majors: Psychology and Anthropology

    “This is my second go around as a director. I love what I do and want everyone on campus to enjoy being a Pitt Panther. I joined Pitt Program Council to make friends and become involved on campus and it has been the most rewarding experience. I look forward to meeting new committee members and gaining new friends all while putting on some new and fun activities for you the students. I can't wait to start on this journey of success as the Recreation Director.”



  • Taylor Steffey

    Special Events Director

    Year: Senior

    Major: Applied Developmental Psychology

    “This is my fourth year in Pitt Program Council and my second as a director. I am from eastern Pennsylvania, thus I am a HUGE Philadelphia sports fan (but I love making friends with Pittsburgh fans too!). As the Special Events director, I am really excited to collaborate with my committee on events such as Bigelow Bash, Fall Fest, and the Black & White Ball. I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of the awesome committee members!”


  • Kim Nguyen

    Travel Director

    Year: Junior

    Major: Marketing

    "This will be my second year involved with Pitt Program Council. I got involved because I wanted to get involved in campus and wanted to help plan all the big events. This year I hope my committee and I will be able to work together to organize exciting trips, new and repeats, that will give the students at Pitt a great experience. I love running, eating, and just chillin' with ma peeps. This is going to be an awesome year so everyone get ready!”